Analysis and measurements of your CRO and SEO 

Building custom marketing model

The purpose of conversion rate optimizations (CRO) and Search Engines Optimization (SEO) analysis is to improve the situation on the lower tiers of the sales funnel. Optimization allows you to reduce the cost of attracting a client, maximizing the value that he already represents for the company. By increasing the conversion rate, you solve two problems at once: increase the amount of income received from each visitor, and the total number of customers. It is easy to understand that all this leads to the growth of your business.

There are numerous places to start when first analyzing a landing page or website.  Analytics allows you to pull useful reports that provide a further analysis of current performance and where to optimize to improve that performance.
In our work, we  focus on 13 analytics metrics that will contribute to your conversion rate optimizations (CRO). 

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