Positive Edge Marketing Services

As a part of the integrated services provided by our team, PE is pleased to integrate marketing consulting services with business consulting services. Since marketing is an essential pillar in the success of any enterprise or product, we provide a full stack marketing consulting services

Analysis of Existing / Building marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a fundamental key factor in the success of any marketing activity. Wither your company is a startup or an enterprise, you are selling a service or a product. You have to select the right strategy and approach for your marketing activities.

In Positive Edge, we assist your marketing team to identify the right strategy and build their own marketing plan with the assistance of our experts and market researchers and analysts.

Marketing activities includes digital marketing, Advertisements, Media channels and movie production. Our experts will recommend the best tools and channels to achieve marketing goals, and will provide you with the tools to monitor and get the feedback and impact of your plan execution.

Building your marketing plan

Based on your type of service provided, or the product(s) you are selling, our team works with your marketing department or management team to build a marketing plan based on your selected strategy.

A marketing plan will include the resources, cost and time-frame to implement its activities as well as projections of the impact of the marketing plan on the market share, competition and revenue streams.

Outsourcing marketing services

A customer can choose to outsource the execution of the marketing plan to our team. This service can be contracted on a medium and long term contracts, where our market analysts and researchers take the responsibility of implementing the marketing plan, including digital marketing activities, social media management, media production, outdoor and indoor advertisements as well as identity management and recreation.